A New Year message from Founder, Frankie

A New Year message from Founder, Frankie

As we enter the New Year (buh-bye 2021), here at xo Brown Girl we are optimistically looking forward to all the new year has to bring.

This is the season of goal setting, we wanted to share with you our advocacy this year and that is to focus on creating habits + goals collectively.

Habits - establishes a routine and helps you easily move along the path you set forward.

Goals - you determine what you want to improve or do more of, work towards it to reach that goal.

Put them together to maximize your chances of achieving healthier skin...glowing skin...sticking to your routine...hydrating with water...cleansing face prior to bed or whatever you find you struggle with.

I am incredibly grateful for this community I've inherited and all the support you have given along the way. I operate solely on my own from designing labels, marketing, and product production -- to name a few.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you by creating your orders, chatting via emails, interacting on socials, and meeting you at live events.

Here's to a prosperous year filled with good health + positive vibrations.

 xo Frankie


A New Year message from Founder, Frankie

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