beyond the skin | unscented body soufflé

beyond the skin | unscented body soufflé


unscented body soufflé | xo brown girl


Say hello to Bare Unscented, our scent-free version of our beloved body soufflé.  What I love about Bare is that it contains the same nourishing ingredients of our other soufflé's but without the any fragrance.

What does the Bare Unscented smell like?

The soufflé doesn't have an aroma and quite honestly no obvious scent.  It is also fragrant free, which means we did not add any ingredients or chemicals to eliminate the odor.  Natural ingredients are infamous for their aromas.  And as nourishing as they are for your skin, some of the aromas that plant-based ingredients possess are harsh and downright unpleasant.  Which is why often times, a special additive or fragrance is added to mask or neutralize the smell.

But in our case, we don't prefer that route.  Instead we like things as clean and as pure as possible.  

unscented body soufflé | xo brown girl

Why choose the unscented version?

If you have sensitivity to fragrances, unscented is perfect for you. Although 98% of our products are fragranced with essentials oils, they too can be an irritant for some.  Some fragrances are mild irritants that can cause discomfort, rashes, redness, dryness, and itchiness.  It's important to note that can raise true for those with normal skin as well.

Additionally, allergies go in overdrive with fragrances.  It can cause havoc to your respiratory system.  Here's a hypoallergenic approach that allows you to enjoy our soufflé. 

Oh and if you downright aren't a fan of fragrances, unscented is the way to go. 

unscented body soufflé | xo brown girl

The safest option for sensitive skin:

I think you got the picture on how effective and safe our Bare Unscented Body Soufflé is for your sensitive skin.  It is gentle approach that can be use for your little ones, pregnant mamas, and those with skin conditions like eczema.

xo Brown Girl products are made almost entirely with natural ingredients.  We stand by healing the skin from the inside out.

You can shop this body souffle HERE!

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