behind the skin | why should you use a body scrub?

behind the skin | why should you use a body scrub?

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What you may not know is your body needs much more than your everyday bar soap for your body care routine. Your skin needs some extra loving and you can start with the use of a body polish (also referred to as a body scrub).   So let's talk about body what a body polish is, what it does for your skin, and how to use it.

What is a Body Polish?

A body polish is an exfoliator that helps slough away dead skin cells.  Resulting in smoother and healthy skin.  Body polishes contain exfoliants, such as sugar, salt or jojoba beads, to handle the scrubbing.  It is blended with oils and possibly butters to moisturize.  The combination of these ingredients create a harmonious mixture that leaves your skin buffed and refreshed.

Why Use a Body Polish?

The key function of a body polish, as mentioned previously, is to rid away dead skin cells.  This method promotes clear, smoother skin.  Let's dig a little deeper.  Dead skin cells shed from the body naturally and sits on the outer surface of the skin.  Over time a build up occurs that includes environmental pollutants and free radical's.  Leading to dull, dry skin.  A body polish removes that build up and encourages new skin cell turnover.
But there is more, the use of a body polish includes these benefits:
  • Draws out impurities that releases stress in the body.
  • Promotes efficient circulation
  • Smooths and softens skin
  • Decreases ingrown hairs

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How To Use a Body Polish?

It's recommend wetting the skin first and applying the body polish in circular motions.  Begin at your feet and move upward.  Avoid scrubbing vigorously, instead a gentle massage is better.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry your skin.  Immediately apply a body oil or body butter to lock in moisture.

Should I Use a Body Polish Prior To or After Shaving?

A body polish should be applied following shaving to avoid any irritation to the skin.  As a reminder, follow with a moisturizer.

How Often a Body Polish Be Used?

As much as having smooth skin sounds great, you don't want to overdue it.  Your skin is delicate and you shouldn't over do it.  It's recommend using 1-2 times a week.

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I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Use a Body Polish?

Body polishes are effective for all skin types, however there are exceptions.  If you have any type of current irritation, you should avoid use as the polish can contribute to additional irritation.  Instead, use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to promote healing.

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