sundays are for black tees + headwraps | body oils myths debunked

sundays are for black tees + headwraps | body oils myths debunked

It's SUN-DAY!  

You know what that tees and handwraps for ya!

So today's black tee is a little different because we are not showcasing xo Brown Girl's collection, but instead we are shining light on my brother from another mother's tee line.

Black Girl Tee from | xo Brown Girl

This tee is a product from Benny Starr, a profound lyricist, and just so happens to be my beloved cousin.  He created a line of tees to commemorate his 10 year musical journey with snippets of lyrics from his various body of works. And I can't be more proud of his music and all that he has given to the community.  So go share some love, like and support.

tee | Benny Starr

jeans | Fashion Nova

kicks | Nautica

We just recently announced that we are bringing body oils to xo Brown Girl as part of our first product within our skincare line.

So let's chat about some myths, body oils edition.

Oils have made there way into the health and beauty market over the past years.  But there is so much chatter circulating as to whether it's good for you.  So we are breaking down many of these myths and how effective they are for your skin.

Myth #1 | All oils work the same

Biggest myth EVER!  Here's why...each oil has their own set of therapeutic properties.  They all have their own unique fatty acids and nutrients.  For example, petroleum based oils, such as baby oil contain solvents that are not natural and do little to moisturize your skin from within, only the surface.  Hence, why you may find yourself applying it many times.  Oils are designed to nourish your skin not just on the surface of the skin, but beyond the top layer.

Think about it...moisturizing is key.  You need a body oil that absorbs quickly and hydrates beyond the outer layer of your body.  Our bodies are designed to receive maximum hydration.  Using an oil that sits on the surface does little justice.

body oils | xo Brown Girl

Myth #2 | Oil will cause acne and irritation

It's often thought that oils are only intended for dry skin.  Otherwise, it will lead to clogging pores which ultimately creates acne.  But the reality is ALL skin types are different as are natural oils.  And with these differences comes along how they can impact skin differently.

Some oils are designed to rehydrate, create hormonal balance, or rebalance the natural oils we produce on our bodies.  

The truth?  Applying the correct body oils can actually support the health of your skin.  While no natural oil is created the same, it is always best to do your research to determine what oils work best with your skin type.

Myth #3 | Body Oils doesn't work for me

If you have ever felt that body oils doesn't do the job for you, we get it!

Finding the right oils that works for your skin and body chemistry can be somewhat of a process.  But we are here to encourage you that your body oil soulmate is out there.

When searching for body oils we have broken down the basic skin types and the best oils that work best for each skin type.

Oily skin: Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil

Dry skin: Olive oil, Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil

Mature skin: Sesame oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot oil

Sensitive skin: Sweet Almond oil, Apricot oil, Jojoba oil

Normal skin: Coconut oil, Hempseed oil, Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Sweet Almond oil

It's our hopes that by debunking these myths you will find a body oil that works well for you.  Drop a comment below of some natural oils that your skin can't live without.

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