what we do

Since 2020 we have helped women of color swap out their coventional skincare proucts with non-toxic, simple ingredients designed to elimate compromising their health.

Our ethos is about harnessing the power of nature to enhance and provide clean skincare option to women of color.

why support this project

We have outgrown our home-based space and want to plant our roots in a physical location within our community.

Having a physical space allows us to further advocate and encourage the community to buy locally. Additionally, it creates job opportunities, and build deeper relationships with my customers.

One of my first goals is to create workshops for those wanting to create products for leisure. And develop workshops for aspiring business owners to learn how to properly to start a skincare business. Thus, further encouraging entrepreneurship.


why now?

Simply put, we want to be more involved in the community and make our presences known. This provides a ton of benefits for future growth for us and the opportunity infused our products directly into the community that we operate in.

our challenges.

We have the skillset to make this dream possible. From a planning perspective, this project is a culmination of years of learning the ebs and flows of operating on an online space that now has equipped me for a physical space production.

Our current challenge with this project is obtaining a physical space and the build out of the space.

My contingency plan is to create a flagship physical location in Atlanta, GA that houses my products and hosts workshops to aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance to initiate a skincare businesss.

As I’ve already created and managed my online presence, I will then leverage the physical location and and website for additional funding toward our expansion efforts.

how can you help?

We have partnered with Kiva, a fundraising platform to help us in reaching our goal of $11k to expand into a physical location.

From now until November 20th you can help with our efforts by investing with as little as $25. The best part is as we are repaying this loan, your investment is returned to you.

Donor Rewards:

- 2 oz bare body souffle, one of our best-sellers.

- 50% off your next order.

  • JULY 2020

    Our first post on Instagram.

    Check it out here.

  • AUGUST 2020

    Our first sale.

    Frankie made her first sale online from our statements t-shirts that we no longer sell.

  • SEPTEMBER 2020

    Launched our first skincare product.

    This was a pivotal stage for us as we were at the beginning stages of phases out our initial products of t-shirts.

  • OCTOBER 2020

    Launched body souffle.

    One of our best-sellers to date was introduced.

  • NOVEMBER 2020

    Launched HEAL.

    Our first facial product to combat acne and oily skin was introduced.

  • AUGUST 2021

    Launched BALANCE.

    Introduced a solution for those with dark spots.

  • MAY 2022

    Brought SOOTHE.

    Completed the final solution for melanin-rich skin by bringing SOOTHE. Targeted for dry skin concerns.

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African-Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population, but their spending accounts for as much as 22% of the $42 billion yearly personal care products market. That means black consumers purchase power is higher than any other ethic groups. Unfortunately, they are also mostly presented to products with potentially harmful ingredients.


Over 60% of these products marketed to black women are more toxic – and less tested — than other products on the market offered to the general public.


Their harsh chemicals posses major potential hazards linked to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, allergies and other adverse health effects.


Knowledge is Powerful

xo Brown Girl manifested to educate and equip women of color with the knowledge needed to follow a natural skincare approach.Additionally to provide products to your skincare regimen that is non-toxic and improves the overall health of your skin.