• What is a skin type?

    Describes how your skin is functioning.  There are four common skin types: Oily, Combination, Normal, or Dry.. Due to a host of influences, you skin type can change, so keeping up with your skin type with regular re-testing is important.

  • Discovering your skin type | Bare-face method

    The bare-face method involves washing your face mild, gentle cleanser then pat dry.  Refrain from applying any other products.  After 30 minutes, observe your skin.  

    If shiny throughout - oily skin

    If tight and flaky - dry skin

    If a mix of oily and dryness, especially in your t-zone - combination skin

    If hydrated and comfortable - normal skin

  • Discovering your skin type | Blotting sheet method

    The blotting sheet method involves pressing a clean blotting sheet to the skin.  Be sure to cleanse first with a mild, gentle cleanser, pat dry and allow to rest for 30 minutes.  Hold the sheet up to the light to observe the oil markings.

    If an abundance of oil - oily skin

    If little to no oil -dry skin

    If small amounts of oil from your t-zone - combination skin

    If minimal oil - normal skin

Be in charge of your skin health

The virtual skin consultation was created to help you identify the state of your skin. We recommend you evaluate you skin health regularly, most especially during changes in seasons, lifestyle habits, and/or dietary changes to cater to the needs of your skin.

  • Acne Skin Concerns

    Overproduction of oils in the skin creates acne. Treat inflamed skin and manage oil production.

    HEAL Regimen 
  • Dark Spots Concerns

    The less than favorable after effect following acne. Even your skin tone and brighten your complexion.

    BALANCE Regimen 
  • Dry Skin Conerns

    Dry skin lacks certain fats that's needed to retain moisture. Give your skin relief with hydrating ingredients.

    SOOTHE Regimen 

Acne Skin Concerns | HEAL Regimen

Dark Spot Concerns | BALANCE

Dry Skin Concerns | SOOTHE