HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar
HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar
HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar
HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar
HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar

HEAL | No. 15 Facial Cleansing Bar

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The Activated Charcoal soap presents with a stunning black hue and is packed with beneficial cleansing properties.  Activated charcoal has the ability to control facial oil and draw away impurities that build up in the pores. It is also effective in the removal of oils and dead cells, thus providing clean skin.  It's scented with essential oils of lavender, vetiver and amyris.

To extend the life of your soap, keep out the stream of water while in the shower and store it in a well draining dish in between uses.

  • Processed in small batches for freshness
  • Handmade with natural ingredients and prepared with care
  • 100% Natural Ingredients - Made with plant-based, food-grade quality ingredients for a safe yet effective addition to your skincare regimen
  • Cruelty-free and Made in USA - Never tested on animals and all of our products are sourced from carefully vetted suppliers. Free of parabens, phthalates, alcohol, genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) and other harmful chemicals. Formulated and bottled in the USA.

4 oz / 113 g 


When the skin gets inflamed from acne, our skin releases melanin.  This causes dark spots known as inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).  The effect from from PIH can last longer than acne itself and is most prevalent in melanin-rich skin. 

It is essential to treat acne skin with a different approach for those with darker skin tones because a simple breakout can result in scarring, dark marks, and keloids.

HEAL treats acne with the use of gentle ingredients.  Gentle ingredients are a must when treating acne as harsher products can cause severe dryness and/or irritation which worsens dark spots.  HEAL is designed to activate preventative measures, improve, and minimize scarring most commonly known as dark spots.


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Amyris Essential Oil


What makes your cleansing bars different?

We formulate our soaps with plant oils and butters and scented with essential oils.  It's our goal to avoid harsh detergents, found in mass produced soaps, to avoid stripping the skin of it's natural oils.

How long does the cleansing bar last?

Cleansing bars can last up to a year, however we recommend to be used with 6 months.

Does your soap contain lye?

Yup!  A soap is not a soap without lye.  When lye solution mixes with the fats and oils it results in the creation of soap.  The chemical process is complete and lye is reacted out, commonly referred to as saponified oils.

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Yvette McCray
Great for eczema

Love this soap!!! My itchy eczema is disappearing

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